Return to the Sky

Run along the rooftops to escape the beast



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Return to the Sky is a 2D platformer where you play the North Star, who's decided to take a human form (yes, it seems stars can do this) to save herself from certain death.

Upon arriving to Earth, however, your North Star realizes she's not safe here, either. A giant purple skull, created by pollution and the evil that consumes the planet, is waiting for the star so it can destroy her, too. So your star begins to run.

Return to the Sky might seem like an automatic platformer where you only have to worry about jumping, but it's not. It's actually a traditional platformer where you have to dodge the holes, jump from wall to wall, and even catch a ride on the breeze.

Return to the Sky is a fun platformer. Besides having great pixelated graphics and an excellent soundtrack, it also has a simple gameplay that might never go out of style.
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